click for immediate crisis support

Devil Dog Nation

click for immediate crisis support

If you want to talk to someone who chewed the same dirt as you, call

(888)VET 2 VET

 (888) 838 - 2838

peer to peer counselling

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Who are we?

We have developed an extensive network of resources and contacts. Whether you are needing assistance with the VA, trying to go to school, or looking for work, we have someone in your area that can help.

We aren't enablers, but we will put you in contact with people who will help you make a difference in your life.

If you would feel more comfortable speaking with another Marine, please reach out to your brothers and sisters at the

DSTRESS Line at: 

or call them anonymously at:


Pick up the phone Devil Dog, make the call, stay in the fight!

DDN-MSM is a domestic non profit in the state of Texas, and a national 501c3. We are registered under the name DDN-MSM. One of the many sources of pride within our organization is that we are a completely volunteer non profit. Our board members volunteer and none of the funds donated or generated are wasted on salaries and stipends. Every penny that comes to the organization, stays in the organization to support local Marines, FMF Corpsman, and all veterans as our budget allows, as well as the group and community events we participate in.

Overwhelmed? we can help!

PLEASE use the crisis line if you need it and reach out to someone. 


can be reached at 


Press 1

or go to

How do we help?

 Devil Dog Nation is the national face of all of the Devil Dog Chapters(click link to find a chapter near you) 

The primary mission of Devil Dog Nation is to provide support for Marines, FMF Corpsman (and all veterans as our budget allows) in need.  Our sole intent is to provide relief and support to Marines and FMF Corpsman (and all Veterans, as our budget allows) that have suffered some form of catastrophe. Devil Dog Nation advocates suicide awareness and prevention by utilizing various educational methods to assist veterans in crisis. Devil Dog Nation has developed an extensive network of resources to include employers, veteran associated services, and educators, that we partner with to help veterans who are searching for help with employment, health, and education. 

As Marines, we train(ed) harder than anybody else, we accomplish things that others can't believe are possible.

We are able to do this because of the support that is always there from the Marine on the left and the right of you. 

Whether you're active or a veteran, the bond that we have is universal and unbreakable.

We suffer, we serve, and we celebrate together. 

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We welcome you to join us and to continue, expand, or regain the camraderie that we have as Marines.